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Pat B.

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In mid-2016 we decided to sell our home of 25 years.  Having been a realtor in Pennsylvania, though many years ago, I had experience in the process of buying and selling a home.  Traditionally it is suggested that a seller interview three agents.  We asked for five opinions.  The first four agents presented his/her self-prepared booklet which included their marketing plan as well as their suggested sale price.  JOHN MOLLICA from East Boca was the last to be interviewed.  His presentation far exceeded any realtor we had already interviewed.  His marketing plan and price analysis of the market for that time was a comprehensive summary of the research he had obviously conducted in preparation for our meeting.  Everything about John was professional and accurate.  We chose John even though it seemed that the price he suggested was too high.  It was not!  John sold our home in eight days for full price.  That full price was quite a bit more than that suggested by any of the other candidates and almost $100,000 higher than that of one of those agents.

Our next home was an apartment in a retirement community.  My husband died there about eleven months later.  I continued to live in the retirement community for another year and then decided to move a second time.  Our daughter and I called on John once again.  He found the perfect condo for me.  Obviously, we have experienced JOHN MOLLICA’s real estate expertise as he represented us on both the selling side as well as the buying side.

John is a very knowledgeable person regarding the community of Boca Raton and areas surrounding, he knows the laws and rules and regulations regarding the real estate industry.  He is honest and caring.  He is thorough and conscientious.  He has an even-temperament.  He listens to your preferences yet is not reluctant to introduce new ideas.  My family and I cannot say enough about John and his work.  He is truly a wonderful real estate professional.  In addition, he is a husband and dad to two college-age children and another in high school.  Any seller or buyer would feel comfortable with and fortunate to have JOHN MOLLICA take care of their real estate needs.